SleepSmart uses the latest tools and technology in sleep science to diagnose and solve your sleep issues,so you can live your life well rested.

We follow a simple 3 step process:

  • 1

    1. Educate and Screen

    Complete our digital Sleep Apnea risk assessment. After completion, you'll be able to book a virtual consultation with a Sleep Coach to discuss your sleep issues and further diagnostic and treatment options, if needed.

    There is no charge or commitment to get started! Along the way, you'll receive:

    • Your personalized Sleep Apnea Risk Level
    • Sleep tips and tricks from your dedicated Sleep Coach
    • Opportunity to book a diagnostic Home Sleep Study
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    WatchPAT One Home Sleep Test

    2. Home Sleep Test

    If you are Moderate to High risk of Sleep Apnea, you can order your Home Sleep Study direct to your house. A Home Sleep Study is a diagnostic device worn overnight that will indicate whether you suffer from Sleep Apnea, and if so, how severe your condition is.

    An independent Sleep Physician will interpret your results, and your dedicated Sleep Coach will book a Video Consult to review your results with you.

    Your Home Sleep Test includes:
    • Free shipping
    • Easy to use Home Sleep Study device
    • Your diagnostic test results
    • Follow-up video consultation
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    3. Treat

    If therapy is recommended by your Sleep Physician, you’ll meet via video call with your dedicated Sleep Coach to review your therapy options. Most health insurance plans provide coverage for Sleep Apnea therapy, and your Sleep Coach can help you navigate your options.

    Your therapy package, if required, will include:
    • Therapy set-up consultation
    • Free shipping with return postage
    • No questions asked 30-day return policy for full refund
    • Day 7 Therapy Consultation
    • Day 15 Therapy Consultation
    • Free compliance reports and data downloads
    • Lifetime support

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About Us

SleepSmart was created to bring Sleep Health to people across North America.

As leaders in the field of Sleep Medicine, we believe deeply in the power of sleep to improve peoples' lives and prevent disease and illness. That’s why we created SleepSmart, a program designed to get you screened, diagnosed, and treated for Sleep Health problems in a convenient and effective setting.

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I am sleeping better than ever! I used to be tired, even after 8+ hours of sleep. Now I sleep ~7 hours and feel better than I EVER have. Thank you!
I've used PAP most of my life. When my company signed up for SleepSmart, I was able to connect directly with a Sleep Coach who helped me with my CPAP mask leak, and set me up with an automatic discount on my supplies, saving me hundreds!
SleepSmart screened our entire fleet in 2 weeks, and had my drivers who required therapy compliant on CPAP within 1 month. Now I get regular reports and do not need to worry about driver PAP compliance. Thank you!
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