What if your entire company slept smarter?

Sleep is critical to our health, yet 60% of North Americans say they “sleep poorly”. SleepSmart fixes that, by bringing Sleep Health to your
entire company in three (3) simple steps:

  • 1

    1. Educate your employees on Sleep Health

  • 2
    WatchPAT One Home Sleep Test

    2. Screen and Diagnose Sleep Disorders in your workforce

  • 3

    3. Treat Sleep Disorders and manage them long term

Designed with some of North America's leading Sleep Physicians, SleepSmart uses the latest in Sleep and Telehealth Technology to bring Sleep Health to your entire organization.
Why Sleep Matters?
Although we spend over 25% of our lives doing it, we humans are still not entirely sure WHY we sleep. But scientific research over the years has concluded that sleep plays a critical role in many vital functions, including:

1. Safety: Drivers with untreated Sleep Apnea have a 5x higher rate of preventable crashes than those without Sleep Apnea or those with Sleep Apnea who are compliant on CPAP therapy. An estimated 20% of all large truck crashes are due to fatigued driving, causing up to 9,000 deaths and 220,000 serious injuries every year in the United States.

2. Immune Function: getting longer and deeper sleep when sick helps the body fight off infection. In fact, research in animals suggests that those animals who obtain more deep sleep following experimental challenge by microbial infection have a better chance of survival.

3. Metabolism and Weight Control: During sleep, our bodies secrete hormones that help to control appetite, energy metabolism, and glucose processing. Obtaining too little sleep upsets the balance of these and other hormones.

4. Memory: Researchers now hypothesize that slow-wave sleep (SWS), which is deep, restorative sleep, also plays a significant role in declarative memory by processing and consolidating newly acquired information.

5. Learning: When we are sleep deprived, our focus and attention suffer, making it difficult to process new information. If our brains and neurons are not adequately rested, neurological function suffers and we lose the ability to access previously learned information.
The SleepSmart Process
SleepSmart is designed to educate, screen, diagnose, and treat Sleep Health issues in your workforce. Once you enrol your company on the SleepSmart platform, your employees will be able to confidentially enrol in SleepSmart by setting up a personal account. As the employer, you will be able to view aggregate data on Sleep Health in your company, however individual employee enrolment and health information is kept strictly confidential.

Each of your employees will go through a 3-step process after enrolment:

1. Sleep Health screening questionnaire. Upon completion, they will be contacted by a Sleep Coach for an initial virtual assessment.

2. Home Sleep Test (if required). Upon completion, they will have a virtual consultation with a Board certified Sleep Physician to review results.

3. Treatment Initiation (if required). If therapy is recommended, they will have a Therapy Initiation appointment with their dedicated Sleep Coach. All SleepSmart clients receive a 30-day risk-free therapy trial to ensure treatment is effective prior to purchasing.
Benefits your company will see
1. Reduced Absenteeism
2. 200%+ reduction in extended sick leave days
3. 90%+ Reduced risk of vehicular accidents
4. Improved employee health & wellness
Please contact us to determine program pricing for your Organization. Most Health Benefits plans cover some or all of SleepSmart program costs for employees, and we will work with your Health Benefits provider to make SleepSmart enrolment seamless for your employees. SleepSmart typically pays for itself in less than one year via reduced absenteeism alone.