SleepSmart was created to bring Sleep Health to people across North America.

As leaders in the field of Sleep Medicine, we believe deeply in the power of sleep to improve peoples' lives and prevent disease and illness. That's why we created SleepSmart, a program designed to get you screened, diagnosed, and treated for Sleep Health problems in a convenient and effective setting.

Our simple, 3-step program uses the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology to deliver world-class care without ever having to visit a waiting room or overnight sleep facility. SleepSmart can be customized to fit the needs of your business and employees, helping your entire organization to sleep smarter.

  • What you WILL get:

    •  Virtual Sleep Education session with your dedicated Sleep Coach
    •  Home Sleep Study in the comfort of your own bed
    •  Interpreted Results from your Home Sleep Study
    •  Virtual Consultation, if required, with a Sleep Physician
    •  Risk-Free Therapy Trial, if required
    •  Reduced Absenteeism
    •  Increased Productivity
    •  Improved Health & Wellness
  • What you WON'T get

    • Physician waiting rooms
    • Awkward overnight sleep labs
    • Clinical Complexity
    • Frustrating maze of insurance
    • A lack of support